Tropical Brunswick Mixtape Launch

with Bombay Royale, Karate Boogaloo, San Lazaro, DJ Chris Gill
The Shadow Electric at the Abbotsford Convent, Saturday 2nd November 2013

I wasn't originally planning on going to this gig, but I saw Courtney Barnett's gig had sold out at the same venue and I had heard a lot about the Bombay Royale so I decided a few days before to buy a ticket.

The last show I had been to in this neck of the woods was the Brown Yarra showcase at the Yarra Hotel, where I ended up on my way down looking for an ATM. I should have stayed there a bit longer as I arrived 20 minutes too early and had to wait around for the bar to open.

DJ for the night was Chris Gill and the first people even got the Tropical Brunswick Mixtape on CD with a show bag including Wizz Fizz. I did see some women doing Wizz Fizz laybacks outside, Wizz Fizz everywhere!

It had been quite a warm day so a lot of people stayed outside and listened to the music through the window, with a few venturing inside to play table tennis. I was sitting down for the start, but ended up standing most of the night.

First up was Karate Boogaloo, a young band who I had not heard before with a guest singer. I thought they went alright.

While the name rings a bell, I don't remember seeing San Lazaro before. I do know they have been around for a long time. They had a high energy set and the lead singer even shook my hand at the end. It was good to finally be able to put a face to the name.

Starting a bit later than I thought, the Bombay Royale danced onto stage and straight into "Monkey Fight Snake" with the Tiger and Mysterious Lady coming on after. Quite a few people in the audience had dressed up to go with the band and I even saw some blokes dressed up for once. The band plays Bollywood classics from the 60s and 70s with some original songs mixing up genres and singing in Hindi, Bengali and English. While a lot attention would be on the Tiger and Mysterious Lady, the band is huge and most responsible for the sound. The band leader dressed in captain's uniform also acts as a foil to the Tiger with some theatrics over the Mysterious Lady. I can see why this band was nominated as best live act in The Age Music Victoria Awards for 2013, hopefully they do well in it. Along with Clairy Browne and the Bangin' Rackettes, Barbarion, Vulgargrad and Graveyard Train they are a band best experienced live.

I had hoped to get the bus down Hoddle St after, but the show went way later than it said on the ticket (didn't finish until midnight) and my feet were killing me. Attempts to get a taxi failed and I had to walk down to Smith St for the 86 tram. I was worried about going to the city on Cup weekend. There were cops on every corner and the police brawler van driving around St Kilda. At least I got to talk to someone on the way home and was inside before the rain started.


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