A Very Switched On Twistmas 2013

with Talei Wolfgramm and the Aviators, Mikelangelo, Anna's GoGo, Go Go Dancers, DJ Emma Peel, Crispi, Mohair Slim
Bella Union, Saturday 7th December 2013

I had been meaning to go to another gig on the night, but after I started going to Anna's Go Go Academy every Wednesday and learnt the Madison that they teach especially for use at Twistmas I wanted to go.

As it happened I had gone down to Moorabbin to see a friend at the Kingston Night Market, then home to get changed and have dinner and still made it back early enough that I had to wait for the doors to open. Don't know why I was worried about not making it in time. I don't think I would have been able to go to the Cartridge Family gig and then to this however.

I could not really get photos of the dancing as I was doing it myself and even put the camera down for some of it. I did get photos of the bands though and stayed long enough to do the Madison, I heard it went for a while but I wanted to get home early due to an event I had the next day.


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