WHOW Fundraiser 2013

with MC Brian Nankervis, Maya Weiss, Chris Wilson, Models Super Orchestra (Sean Kelly, Mark Ferrie, Andrew Duffield, Billy Miller, Eve von Bibra, Cal McAlpine)
Caravan Music Club, Saturday 11th May 2013

I had known about this fundraiser for a few years as I have contributed photos of the Model Super Orchestra for the promotions and poster. This is the first one I have attended as I was either away or busy for the first two and I am glad to have made it this time. The previous two years it was held at the Collingwood Town Hall, this is the first time it has been south of the river.

As there was a lot of audience participation I have taken more photos of the audience than usual as I wanted to show the participants enjoying themselves so people could look them up later and hopefully more people will come next year when they see what people got up to. Brian is a very good host and I will have to try and get to a Rockwiz taping one of these days.

Starting off the night were Chris Wilson and Maya Weiss who has been a contestant on the Voice. I did enjoy here songs and also her rendition of the Skyfall theme.

The Models Super Orchestra were great as always as was the quiz at half time. I left during the auction for the artworks as the gig wasn't going to finish until late and I was going home to my parents for Mother's Day the next day. Hopefully everyone had a good time and the event returns next year.


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