Wash Winter's Willies Away With Whiskey IX

with Twenty Seven Winters, Junk Horses, The Bulls, JVG Guitar Method, The Sideshow Brides, Clinkerfield, Three Bird Nest, The Idle Hoes
as part of the Leaps and Bounds Music Festival
The Tote, Sunday 14th July 2013

I am used to this event being on later in July, but with the Leaps and Bounds festival and the Powder Monkeys reunion gig the next week it was probably better to have it earlier rather than later. Was a bit more relaxed than previous years and it also started a bit later than I remember. For once I did not end up having a break half way through to go get dinner, I just grabbed a hot dog and went down to Brunswick St after for dinner.

Twenty Seven Winters were up first and I was there at least when they started.

The Junk Horses were a surprise and I even bought their EP. I thought the lead singer looked better with her bra strap off her shoulder even though it was uncomfortable for her. Their sound is a bit rough, but it suits the music.

In the front bar the Bulls did a shorter set and it had been a while since I saw Linda sing, was a good set.

I talked to Mark in the front bar while waiting for the Bulls to start and the rest of the JVG Guitar Method arrived not long after. Was not as big a crowd as JVG was used to and some of the people were a bit hipster to enjoy it, but it was still good to see them.

The Sideshow Brides trio played in the front bar and it was great to see Rhianna and Layla again.

Clinkerfield seemed a bit restrained compared to previous years. Jimmy lit six sticks of incense for the stage (one is enough for a whole house) and wondered why it stunk on stage.

Three Bird Nest include one of the singers from the Rebelles and they were very quiet compared to the other bands on the day.

Finishing off the day were the Idle Hoes, who had quite a few people coming to see them but it was still a bit quiet. I watched most of their set, but I had to work the next day so I left early. Not sure if I will make it to the Raised By Eagles CD launch due to the Powder Monkeys gig at the Tote the next day, but I hope it goes well.


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