Wagons Album Preview Show 22/06/13

with Jemma and the Wise Young Ambitious Men, the Toot Toot Toots
Corner Hotel, Saturday 22nd June 2013

It's hard to believe it has been two years since Wagons did a show in Melbourne. I am used to seeing Henry play solo gigs a lot, but did not make it to the Expecting Company show at the Thornbury Theatre on Cup Eve last year. The last show I saw of theirs at the Corner Hotel was back in 2009 for the Goodtown launch. Even though it was the Community Cup the next day I still wanted to go as it makes for a good weekend to have gigs the two nights before even if it is punishing.

Jemma and the Wise Young Ambitious Young Men were up first and I was surprised that none of the bands were using the side stage like they usually do at these shows. It worked though and there wasn't really that much of a delay setting up between them. I had not seen Jemma play since the Wash Winter's Willies Away With Whiskey gig last year, so it was good to see her again.

The Toot Toot Toots were a good match to have with Wagons and I was glad to see them again. Go Gadget Girl Go Go did not dance with them on the night due to the band doing some new material.

Wagons went very well for not playing a gig together for so long. They also played quite a few songs off their new album and Henry mentioned Mick Harvey was producing their new album, which makes since seeing the new songs are so dark. The show finished at a reasonable hour also with Si Philanthropist and Mark Tuckerbag Dawson's The Bizness being one of the encore songs. I did get to see Si the next day to give him the photos but missed seeing one of the Toot Toot Toots even though one of them was playing with the Rockdogs.


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