The Woohoo Revue at the Caravan Music Club 07/06/13

with Vardos
Caravan Music Club, Friday 7th June 2013

Even though I had not been to see either of these bands for quite a few years, I had heard the Wohoo Revue was doing quite a few gigs recently and had changed around its show since I saw them last so I wanted to go see them.

I was surprised to see they had their own lighting for the show and also a lot of fans who look as if they would follow the band around to different gigs.

Vardos played well and I enjoyed the part when the lead violin player came out into the audience. The correct term for the music is "Romany" these days.

Lots of people came up the front to dance when the Woohoo Revue started and it was a great show. Two of the members of the bands even played their own drum for the finale and for the encore Vardos came up and did some songs.

Cheers to Mindi and Leticia, who I will miss when she goes back to doing the door at the Flying Saucer Club.


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