BobWiz at the Caravan Music Club 08/05/14

with MC Brian Nankervis, Paul Harris, Robyn Hitchcock
Caravan Music Club, Thursday 8th May 2014

Even though I am not a huge fan of Bob Dylan like some people, I was still looking forward to this night as Brian is always fun in the events I had seen him at and they had promised a proper set up like RockWiz on TV. They could not call it that for copyright reasons, but they did have the show's producer organising, the panel and buzzers and even a musical guest, Robyn Hitchcock.

The first part of the night saw the screening of some obscure Bob Dylan clips introduced by Film Buff's Forecast presenter, Paul Harris. There was some interesting stuff and things I had not seen before.

The "BobWiz" part of the night was broken up into three heats of six people each, with the best two from each panel playing off in the finals. One panel had a contestant who had to sit most of the round out as he qualified so quickly (word is he won the final also.) There were some funny moments on earlier panels with non Bob related questions for people who were not doing so well and how Brian dealt with some belligerent contestants, honed by years of TV work.

I left at the start of the final round as I was coming back the next night, but it was a fun night and hopefully something like it happens again in the future.


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