BoxWars 20: The Downfall of Rome

Caulfield Park, Boxing Day 2014

As with last year the weather turned earlier in the day and the BoxWars dudes had to put stuff back in the truck due to wind when I went over to say hello at lunch time.

By the time I came back later in the day it had fined up and was quite warm. The battle time had moved back one hour to 6pm as some people had trouble getting down earlier in previous years.

I did notice some LARPers walking around the park, but there are strict restrictions on construction for the battle, cardboard and sticky tape or glue only.

A bit different to last year, there was an invite to a build weekend about a week before as with some previous battles there were pre-built costumes for people to wear in the theme so there would be a guaranteed amount of combatants. This year's theme was the fall of Rome so the costumes were legionnaires. At the Down on the Farm music festival they had 50 cardboard kangaroos versus roo shooters.

As with previous years I noticed the same people returning to battle again, the group of warriors who arrive together even painted their costumes this year. Cheers to Marawa and her sister who also had a part in the battle and were right in the middle of it from the start to the end.

Due to the large cardboard tower in the middle of the battlefield (it took off in the wind and had to be de-wheeled), I hung back until it was knocked over and just walked around with the rapid fire mode on. I did not get bashed into as much and did help one or two people up when they fell over.

The speakers went off and everyone stopped for some reason, but it started again and they were back in it. The kids all decided to start running in when people got knocked over and also helped clean up at the end as they got to take home discarded bits and pieces. It is one of the rules of BoxWars that you have to give up something if someone asks for it. Also things are made to be destroyed and you are not really meant to save anything. I was still impressed with Hoss's costume surviving until the end although Caesar's cape was the first thing to go.

As with last year I left straight away afterwards so I could go home and download the photos, the BoxWars crew was still packing up when I arrived back with the disc and it was over for another year. It does not end until I bring them the photos.


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