Cash Savage and the Last Drinks at the Flying Saucer Club 07/11/14

with JVG Guitar Method
Flying Saucer Club, Friday 7th November 2014

I had enjoyed Cash Savage last time at the Flying Saucer Club and even though Stephen Pigram was playing at the Caravan Music Club, my friends were also coming and I hardly get to see them so I thought I would still try and make it. I was going to see Grand Ole Oakleigh the next night.

First up was JVG Guitar Method they were entertaining as always. JVG even chased me at one point when I took a photo he did not want.

This was to be the last show this year for Cash Savage and I was glad to have gone. Due to my friends being at the gig I did end up sitting down more than I usually would. It was a good show.


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