Celebration of the Word 09/11/14

with MC Steve Carr, Ian Bland, Mitchell Faircloth, Eddie Dalter, Jessica Marrie, Michael Fanorte, Hannah Jenkin, Hannah Bolt, Kevin Bolt, Ginger Hansen, Geradine Hansen, Cath Jackson
organised by Annexe Arts
Oakleigh Bowling Club, Sunday 9th November 2014

Ian Bland told me about this the previous week and I thought I would go out for it as I had been to see Grand Ole Oakleigh the previous night and it had been a couple of years since I saw a gig down at the Oakleigh Bowling Club.

Ian did a couple of poems as did Mitchell Faircloth aka Slim Whittle that went down well with the people who made it along for the day.

By chance I had been awake when Tim Thorpe read an announcement about the event on the radio earlier in the day, one of the other poets had heard the same announcement.

There was a good variety of people reading and a lot of different people than I had seen at other poetry events. It was a great community event and hopefully they have more in the future.


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