Reclink Community Cup 2014

with Elmo and friends, Fraser A Gorman, Smith St Band, Saskwatch, Painters and Dockers
Elsternwick Park, Sunday 22nd June 2014

Final Score:
Megahertz 6 7 (43)
Rockdogs 8 4 (52)

I wasn't sure if I was going to go to the Community Cup this year, needed a year off from it, but the cutbacks in the federal budget to Recklink meant that it needed all the support it could get. I did notice some people who were usually there were not this time around due to a lot of reasons.

I had already been told I would not be getting access to the photo pit at the front of the stage or the change rooms ahead of time so at least I did not turn up on the day to find this out. To make up for it I picked up some twiggy salami to give to each and every dog I took a photo of and took double the amount of photos of dogs this year.

JVG was hosting proceedings this year, which was good to see as he has been involved with the day for a long time. Dan Warner was back at RRR hosting JVG's show in his absence.

Don't know why I thought it would be Kevin Clash doing an actual Elmo show, although that would have been good as he would have made a good ruckman as he is a big dude. Was still a good show though and Cookie Monster had his time to shine.

It was good to see Fraser A Gorman again and he did have a reasonable crowd by the time he started.

I had heard about the Smith St Band but had not seen them play live before. Not sure why they played their most popular song first in the set though. I went for a walk after the first couple of songs to take more photos of dogs but I thought they went well.

Another first for me was that I had a conversation with someone through the fence who had made it down for the day, but had decided not to come in due to not hearing it was no BYO and they did not want to dump their beer. Good job riding down from Coburg though.

I did still get to take photos of the line up before the game and stand near the Rockdogs bench. Lucy Spazzy asked me to take photos of her getting a rub down on the bench as she said she would get one even before she played. Her and Kat mainly just try and have fun at the game these days and stay away from the ball. They have one Rockingest Rockdog so many times it should be called The Spazzys Award.

Saskwatch at half time also went well and I again took the opportunity to walk around the ground, talk to some more people I knew and take more dog photos.

There was a definitive result with the match this year and also they raised a lot of money for Reclink, which was great to see.

Even though it was the Painters and Dockers first show in ages I only ended up staying for three songs as I was tired by then and could not get close enough to get any photos.

It was still good to have gone, but I will review again next year to consider if I will go again or not.


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