Dr Sketchy's Melbourne 8th Birthday

with Tanzer
Toff in Town, Sunday 29th June 2014

I first started going to Dr Sketchy's Melbourne back in 2006 when a performer I knew was modeling. Strangely I decided against taking photos after that one session and just drew at the sessions I attended instead. I went to the sessions at the Butterfly Club semi regularly until I moved to Red Door in the city on a Sunday where Mel asked me to take photos officially for Dr Sketchys in 2010 and then onto the Toff in Town who have given much support including radio ads which I had not heard before then.

Since I started attending Dr Sketchy's I have moved more into photographing live music and simply do not have the time to attend burlesque events. I do still like to meet the performers as I have not been keeping up with the scene since I stopped attending events regularly.

The model for the 8th Birthday session was Tanzer who is one half of the group Twincest and is also performing solo in Melbourne. Joining her was the lead singer from the group Sex on Toast who I promised to go see the week after.

It was a great session and there was even a party game of "draw the heart on Tanzer's bottom" which a life-sized chalk board.

I am looking forward to seeing Tanzer perform in the future and hope to be at the 10th birthday for Dr Sketchy's Melbourne in a couple of years.


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