Fiona Lee Maynard & Jack Howard's Christmas Show

with Fiona and Her Holy Men, Jack Howard and the Long Lost Brothers
Flying Saucer Club, Sunday 14th December 2014

As happened the previous night it turned out the Junes were also playing at the same time, but I had been looking forward to this gig since October and Fiona is always happy to see me so I had already made up my mind.

Jack Howard and the Long Lost Brothers were up first as Nicky del Ray had a gig on with the Sideshow Brides and had to leave early. I had not seen them perform since Jack's album launch at the Caravan Music Club earlier in the year.

Fiona and Her Holy Men had a name change as it was too long to say each time they had to do promos. As the gig was close to St Kilda a lot of the regulars turned up and there were quite a few people especially for the stage invasion in the end where Billy left the drums and did a song on vocals.

Hopefully this can happen again next year as both the bands work well together and everyone had a good time.


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