Forever Young - The Songs of Bob Dylan 09/05/14

with Van Walker, Harry Hookey, Charles Jenkins, Liz Stringer, Gallie, Greg Field, Deborah Conway, Suzannah Espie, Robyn Hitchcock, Mick Thomas, Jen Anderson, Ruby Boots, Shane Howard, Chris Wilson
and house band the Underlings - Ash Naylor, Bruce Haymes, Phil Luscombe, Ross Hannaford, Steve Hadley
Caravan Music Club, Friday 9th May 2014

Set list:
Band - Mighty Quinn
Van Walker - It's all over now baby blue/Stuck inside a mobile
Harry Hookey - Every grain of sand/Jokerman
Charles Jenkins - I threw it all away/Visions of Johanna
Liz Stringer - Mississippi/Shelter from the storm
Ross Hannaford - Trust Yourself
Gallie - Oh sister/Hurricane
- interval -
Deborah Conway - Tomorrow is a long time
Robyn Hitchcock - Not Dark Yet
Suzannah Espie - Blowing in the Wind/I'll be your baby tonight
Mick Thomas - Most of the time/Black Diamond Bay
Shane Howard - Workingman's Blues #2
Chris Wilson - She belongs to me/It takes a lot to laugh and a train to cry
Deborah Conway - Serve somebody
Shane Howard - I shall be released
Robyn Hitchcock - Like a rolling stone
All in - Knocking on heaven's door

I had been to BobWiz the previous night and was originally planning to go on the Saturday and the gospel songs show on the Sunday. Van Walker recommended I go on the Friday instead and the gospel songs show was postponed so I changed it slightly.

The last tribute night to Bob Dylan at the Caravan was back in 2011 and was notable for Vika and Linda singing with Joe Camilleri on a song amongst other things. The shows were selling quite well and Robyn Hitchcock was added to the bill so that sealed it.

There were quite a few people who had been to BobWiz the night before returning for this night. Except for the artists and Caravan staff I am not sure if anyone went to all four nights, most people seemed to be happy to just go to the BobWiz and one of the nights. There seemed to be quite a few people across the weekend at the gigs who had not been before, which is always good.

Despite not being familiar with Bob Dylan outside his bigger songs I still enjoyed the night and there was a good flow to the songs.

I couldn't really pick a favourite out of all the performers, but did like the sing along at the end.

It was a great night and hopefully the gospel songs show is able to be put on soon.


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