Forever Young - The Songs of Bob Dylan (Sunday) 11/05/14

with Van Walker, Liz Stringer, Gallie, Greg Field, Roz Girvan, Suzannah Espie, Shane Howard, Rebecca Barnard, Shane O'Mara, Tex Perkins, Stephen Cummings
and house band the Underlings - Ash Naylor, Bruce Haymes, Phil Luscombe, Ross Hannaford, Steve Hadley
Caravan Music Club, Sunday 11th May 2014

Set list:
Band - Mighty Quinn
Rebecca Barnard and Shane O'Mara - Boots of Spanish leather
Rebecca Barnard - Make you feel my love
Van Walker - It's all over now baby blue/Stuck inside a mobile
Gallie - Oh sister/Hurricane
Tex Perkins - If not for you/Was it what you wanted?/Not dark yet
- interval -
Suzannah Espie - Blowing in the wind/I'll be your baby tonight
Liz Stringer & Van Walker - Mississippi
Liz Stringer - Shelter from the storm
Ross Hannaford - Trust Yourself
Ash Naylor - Watchtower
Stephen Cummings - Rita May/It takes a lot to laugh
Suzannah Espie - Serve somebody
Shane Howard - Workingman's blues #2/Jokerman/I shall be released
All in - Like a rolling stone

After having a rest the night before I was looking forward to seeing the final show of the BobFest. I heard that the night before finished quite late and they played for three hours. I was happy enough to have seen the Friday show and the Sunday as it covered pretty much all the songs.

Before the show I got to meet Van Walker's mum Ruth, who did not know she was going to come along to the show until an hour before.

There were a lot of mother's in attendance due to it being Mother's Day. I had originally planned to go home to my parents, but they went away for the weekend.

As I had seen the show on Friday it was pretty much the same, but with some of the songs swapped around. It was still good to see everyone sing their songs and the band one last time though.

It turned out to be a very popular series of shows and I am looking forward to seeing the gospel songs show in the future.


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