Good Lovelies at the Caravan Music Club 29/03/14

with the Little Stevies (duo)
Caravan Music Club, Saturday 29th March 2014

I had first heard of the Good Lovelies in 2010 when I heard they were coming out to Australia the next year. I had missed them that time, but still stayed on their email list so I could hear when they were coming out again. When I saw that they were playing a show at the Caravan Music Club I did not want to miss it as it might be another four years before I see them.

The last time the Little Stevies played at the Caravan they had a birthday cake on stage, which was fun to see. One of the members of the band has a new bub and they were playing as a duo this time, but were still just as good.

While I do go to see a lot of bands with predominantly female musicians, the Good Lovelies are different to any other bands I have been to see. I originally thought they would be like the Junes, but they do not have a drummer or a Gleny and Dougie Bull type in the band. They were very nice and able to get people to sing along for several songs during the set including an entire chorus for a song near the end.

I was glad to have been able to make it and will look forward to seeing both bands hopefully not with a four year gap next time.


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