Hullabaloo - A Celebration of New Orleans Music 15/03/14

with MC Roul Moutard, Tracey Miller, Loretta Miller, Lisa Miller, Wilbur Wilde, Ross Wilson
and the Hullabaloo all-star band: Andy Baylor, James Black, Paul Williamson, Steve Hadley, Lenny Ramos, Ray Pierra, Don Stewart, Sam Lemann
special guests the Hullabaloo dancers - Stella and Ruby
Caravan Music Club, Saturday 15th March 2014

I could hardly believe that the last Hullabaloo was two years ago, it had seemed much shorter than that. I had been looking forward to this for months since it was announced as I enjoyed the last one.

It was an interesting line up and the first time I have seen Loretta, Tracey and Lisa Miller on the same stage as there is usually only one or two of them singing at one time.

Loretta said Wilbur Wilde did play in Oakleigh at one of the first gigs at the Oakleigh Bowling Club, but I had not seen him since the RRR fundraising event for their move in 2004.

Andy Baylor has moved to Sydney, which I also did not know. He came down to do this gig and one the next day at the Oakleigh Music Festival day.

I had seen Ross Wilson perform last year, but it was good to have him on the line up as the songs he did went very well.

The band was excellent and stayed on stage for the whole night.

Special mention must go to the dancers Stella and Ruby who even one-upped Camilla and Simoncee dancing last time. Stella had done a support slot for Los Coronas the same week at the venue, but did not get to sing on the night. They were very busy dancing throughout the night on and off stage.

Quite a few people did dress up in the theme, mainly the women in attendance, but some blokes did try and make an effort with their loudest shirt.

It was a great night and it is always good to have a big ensemble show like this go so well, even though it is a lot of work to organise.


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