Jeff Lang "I live in my head a lot these days" album launch 04/07/14

with Liz Stringer
Caravan Music Club, Friday 4th July 2014

It had been a while since I had seen Jeff Lang and I was looking forward to hearing his new album. Seeing he was playing at the Caravan decided it for me as it was closer to home. Luckily I had been working that week as I wasn't sure if I would have been able to make it otherwise.

Liz Stringer played first and Richard and Julie came along for the first time in ages. Liz said she will be recording some new songs soon although not July as it is already in July. It was good to hear some of her older songs even if Liz herself said she is looking forward to singing new ones.

I had heard some Jeff Lang's new album, but not all of it. I thought it sounded great and even had a song on it co-written with Ali Ferrier. I liked the percussion on some of the tracks also as it reminded me of some of the tracks way back from the 2004 release of Whatever Makes You Happy the studio outtakes. I left a bit early but I did enjoy the show and a lot of people enjoyed this and the next night's shows.


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