Koraly Dimitriadis vs. Ben John Smith 21/11/14

Polyester Books, Friday 21st November 2014

I had enjoyed the last one of these events in 2012, unfortunately last year Ben had a bit of an accident and the last one had to be postponed.

This year it was back better than ever and the two participants even got to make a short film of one of their poems as a call and response.

My favourite parts were Koraly laughing and covering her face when Ben was reading his work. Also hearing the tone of Darne's breathing change pitch behind me when she saw Ben wearing her underpants in the video he made (I have sharp ears.)

It was a good night and was interesting to go to something different. I had the Mai Tai Crawl the next day so I did not go out for a drink with Ben and his friends, hopefully they had a good night.


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