The Unholy Rabble Tiki Punksters Suck Em' up Melbourne Mai Tai Crawl 2014

with Skipper Josh, Nuholani Wahines, Itty Bitty Titty Committee
The LuWOW, Saturday 22nd November 2014

As I had been out the night before I did not make it to the part of the day at the Beaufort, but I arrived around the same time as the first people started arriving from there.

I wasn't planning on buying anything, but there was a special on a cocktail that came with a skull mug included. The only thing was I had to go buy a bag from Coles over the road as I hadn't bought anything to carry it with.

Skipper Josh who owns the LuWOW did his talk that he had done at a major Tiki convention about the history of running Tiki bars in Australia and overseas. I had heard a little bit about the Fitzroy location's previous life but did not know the full story.

The Nuholani Wahines had a dance with an extended line up and more room this time as they usually dance in the front bar.

After his talk there was a successful marriage proposal and people drank more to celebrate.

As I had promised them I stayed to see the Itty Bitty Titty Committee do their routine that they made up especially for the day.

Intoxica was meant to play, but I was getting tired by then and wanted to head home. I did stop in to see Fred and Dave at St Kilda Cellars.


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