Mia Dyson at the Caravan Music Club 11/10/14

wtih Al Parkinson
Caravan Music Club, Saturday 11th October 2014

Mia Dyson has played at the Caravan several times but I always seem to miss her, so I was determined to try and make it this time.

Special guest for the night was Al Parkinson who I had been talking to on Twitter but she did not know it was me. I thought she went well and Jane Hendry joined her.

I did not expect Mia Dyson to start with the main single from her new album, but it was a good single and worth having up the front so she could do more of her back catalogue.

Liz Stringer was part of her band as well as Danny McKenna on drums so it was a very good band to back her up. Part of Mia Dyson's merch was a USB "tape" with all her releases on it. I will have to consider getting it next time I see her.


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