New Year's Eve 2014 with the Band Who Knew Too Much

The Standard Hotel, Wednesday 31st December 2014

Even though I had enjoyed the last five years of New Year's celebrations at the Caravan Music Club, I can't get home from there after midnight and last year was scary as I had to leave right on midnight while people were letting off fireworks in the park, throwing them out of car windows and launching commercial fireworks from home made mortars in the park. I was actually going home from another gig in December when I found a poster for this one and decided to buy a ticket for it. I probably didn't need to as I found out later but I will know for next time.

As I thought all the City Loop stations were closed for New Year's Eve so I had to get off at Flinders St and walk up to Bourke to catch the tram. I did not want to arrive too late, but also not too early as the band was not starting until 10pm and I would have to stand around. Luckily some other people I knew turned up as well as the band including Cookie so it was good to see.

I only suggested "Fiesta" as a flip remark for the song to play right at midnight, I didn't think the band would play it. Was good to see them again and I didn't end up taking that many photos after the first set as I just wanted to enjoy their performance.

The band finished about 12.30am but with trams and trains running all night I didn't have to rush off. I ended up walking all the way down to Southbank from the Standard Hotel as all the 96 trams were going out of the city and not in. Was a bit hairy around the bottom of Swanston St but I expected that as that's where everyone was gathered. I ended up catching the No 67 and 64 trams home to avoid having to go via St Kilda and got home around 2.30amish.

I will see how I go for next year on New Years but I will keep my options open.


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