Out on the Weekend 2014

with Justin Townes Earl (unseen), Henry Wagons, Nikki Lane, Lindi Ortega, Jonny Fritz, Raised by Eagles, Ryan Bingham (unseen), Robert Ellis, The Delines, Chris Altmann, Emma Swift, The Morrissons
Seaworks, Saturday 18th October 2014

I had heard about this festival quite a while ago and was hoping that I was going to be working by the time it was on. That wasn't to happen and I did try to get photo access to the festival but did not hear back after the first time. No matter, I still wanted to go and I did not take as many photos as usual as I just had a pocket camera and mainly put it away after the first few songs.

I had decided against getting the ferry over as if I wanted to leave early I would like that option over. People who were on the ferry said it went well.

Even with the train delays at Caulfield due to a fire and having to wait at Newport I still managed to make the first act the Morrisons. It is a shame that they mainly play in Sydney as they seem like the sort of band I would go to see regularly if I was in Melbourne.

It has been a while since I saw Raised by Eagles and it was good to see them again. Quite a few more people than could fit in a normal pub gig also.

Emma Swift had just been nominated for an ARIA, I thought she went well and I will try to see her again when she plays in Melbourne.

Around this time I wandered into the Pirate's Bar to find Lindi Ortega at the end of her sound check. I did try and get a couple of people to come in and did stay to watch the first segment with Lindi playing. Although I didn't stay for the rest of the broadcast, I did listen to it afterwards and thought the broadcast was great. I liked the blank spots and talking off-mike as it made it sound more rough and ready.

Jonny Fritz had already started when I finished watching Lindi Ortega's interview and song. It was a great set and good for Jonny Fritz to come back so quickly after coming out for the Wagons album launch.

A friend turned up around this time and asked me to meet him in the Pirate's Bar for a drink, I hardly ever see him so I couldn't say no. I ended up hearing Chris Altmann more than I saw him but it was still a great set. Unfortunately I could not make any of his side shows and he was not doing a tour this time.

I rushed up the front to see Lindi Ortega as I did not want to miss any of her set. Bernie help up his crutches after every song as she was great. I am really looking forward to seeing her again and hopefully she becomes a frequent visitor as part of the summer festival circuit in Australia in the near future.

As I didn't want to rush off early I heard the Delines set from the back of the crowd talking to friends, not really used to that but it was good to do for once.

I did want to see Nikki Lane up the front but I started getting a bit wobbly and falling asleep on my feet and decided to get some dinner instead. I ended up getting the mixed plate from the meat stall and it was great.

As before I mostly heard Robert Ellis from up the back, sounded good though.

While it was not officially Wagons, they did have most of the line up and it was more the "Unwelcome Company" including a heap of special guests such as Broads, Jonny Fritz, Emma Swift and Chris Altmann.

By the end of this set my feet were killing me as I had bought the wrong shoes for standing all day (I bought new shoes on the Monday) and I had a headache due to not getting much sleep the night before. Despite, this I still had a good day and hopefully the day returns in the future and I will try to get more people to come with me.


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