A Punk Journey: St Kilda and Beyond Closing Party

with Dixon Cider, Peptides, The Negatives
Brightspace Gallery, Sunday 23rd November 2014

I had missed the other events of the weekend due to having stuff on but Fred had asked me to come to see the last day's events as there was going to be a one-off performance of a new band.

I arrived in time to see the panel discussion which also included some gatecrashers in true punk style.

Dixon Cider played first and were very funny especially the drummer, I will try to look out for them around town.

Formed especially for the day was the band the Peptides including Fred Negro, Fiona Lee-Maynard, Angela Howard amongst others. They performed many of the punk standards from the time and a lot of songs from Fred's bands. The band the Negatives also performed a song in the break.

It was a good day but I started falling asleep in the front row while the band was playing so I did not stay for after drinks.


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