Queenscliff Music Festival 2014 - Friday

Davidson Brothers, Sweethearts, Hiatus Kaiyote, The Little Stevies, Georgia Rodgers, Skunkhour, Skyscraper Stan and the Commission Flats, The Delta Riggs, Dan Sultan
Friday 28th November 2014

After a bit of a shock as to whether I was going to be able to make it at all I was happy to make it down this year for my 10th concurrent Queenscliff Music Festival. There are people I only see at the festival including Campbell the Swaggie who I saw at the front gate while waiting to get in. Unlike previous years I had to come straight to the festival as my bags were being picked up later. I have had to do it in the past and did not mind having to take them in, even though every person I asked could not help me with them.

First up was the Davidson Brothers and their stage was interesting as it was open with just the stage part covered. Luckily it did not rain that weekend or it would have been an awkward stage to watch things on. It did get cold that evening while I was at the stage but I had my coat so I wasn't concerned.

As usual I got to see Sweethearts play but for some reason the photographers were kicked out from the front of the stage. Sarah arrived around this time and I promised to come back to see her get her award and went off to see the start of Hiatus Kaiyote. It was good to see them but I had trouble getting photos on the main stage all weekend, at least I had the smaller stages.

It was great to see Sarah being acknowledged for supporting the local music community and I look forward to seeing who receives the award next year.

After taking my bag back to the car I went between the Little Stevies, Georgia Rodgers, Skunkhour and saw most of Skyscraper Stan and the Commission Flats before walking over to see the start of the Delta Riggs and then back to see the end of Skyscaper Stan's set.

Final act for the night was Dan Sultan who was pumped after winning the ARIAs the previous week and even though we left about a quarter of the way through it sounded good.

This year I got to stay at Sarah's place, which was lucky as I did not want to camp and am a bit over going all the way back to Geelong on the bus each night. It worked out well for the weekend it turned out.


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