Queenscliff Music Festival 2014 - Saturday

Áine Tyrrell, Karl S Williams, Charles Jenkins, Marlon Williams, DD Dumbo, WILSN, Murdena, Dyson Stringer Cloher, Emma Swift, Bec Goring, The Bombay Royale, Jazzy Jazzper and the DARE OHHS, Jesse Valach & Blues Mountain, Stella Angelico, Tijuana Cartel, The Imprints
Saturday 29th November 2014

I had wanted to go see Áine Tyrrell either on the QMF Express or at Stoked on Hesse so being dropped off at the train as Sarah also had to take Fenn there to play with her worked out pretty well. I was also going to see Charles Jenkins at the church but he asked me to come to the Vue Grand instead so that solved that issue.

I had had met Áine the night before when Sarah received her award but it was good to go see her for the first act of the day. I was going to see a different act on the way back, but ended up seeing Karl S Williams as I could not get in the other carriage.

When I arrived at the Vue Grand all the other photographers had taken the good spots, but they soon left causing Charles Jenkins to remark it was time to put on the real show. I offered to leave but he said I did not need to.

Unfortunately I missed seeing Yirmmal this year, but arrived in time to see some of Marlon Williams set and DD Dumbo. I did go and have a site down at the side of the stage to watch Dyson Stringer Cloher and did not take too many photos as it is not allowed from there.

I arrived up at Stoked on Hesse in time to get a good spot for Áine Tyrrell who was also joined by Sarah on drums and guitar for some songs. It was good to sit down and watch a full set from the band. I will try to see her again when she plays in Melbourne.

During the day I did visit the Pavilion a few times to see WILSN, Murdena and Bec Goring. I was asked in advance to come and see Jazzy Jazzper and the DARE OHHS as George and Fenn were playing and was happy to after I saw the Bombay Royale.

It was great to see Emma Swift play again as I enjoyed her at Out on the Weekend.

I did want to see the Bombay Royale play at least once during the festival as they are ideally suited to a festival and play better in front of a large crowd. They still remembered me from last time when I bought the tiger head.

Wanting to go over to the other stage and wait for Stella Angelico, I ended up seeing Jesse Valach & Blues Mountain who played pretty well and even played "My Heavy Friend" that I remember from a while ago by a Melbourne band.

I really wanted to see a full set from Stella Angelico so I did not leave when the Church started. I only saw part of their song later when I was looking for someone with internet on their phone so I could find out the state election result. Stella sang great and even took her jacket off, I have refrained from putting those photos up.

I did get to see some of the Tijuana Cartel who were interesting, but not really my sort of thing. Also I saw what I thought was the start of the Imprints set, but they were just doing sound check.

There was going to be a meeting point later in the night, but we all ended up leaving a bit earlier. Fine by me as meant I got to bed earlier. There was a lot of people to drive home on the trip so it was one in all in.


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