RRR BBQ Day 2014

with JVG, Melbourne BBQ Orchestra (Dan Warner, Matt Earl, Nathan Farrelly, Adam Simmons, Ed Bates, Marcel Borrack, Dave Evans, Stephen Temple, Jane Hendry), The Burnt Sausages, Kerrie Simpson, Sarah Carroll, Danny Walsh, Kit & Andre Warhurst, Horse and Wes Harrington, Peter and William Ewing, Cash Savage, Billy Miller, Paulie Stewart, Casey Bennetto, Dr Pump
RRR Performance Space, Sunday 7th December 2014

Song list:
Cold snags in a Glad bag - Dan Warner
The Burnt Sausages - The Burnt Sausages
I'm too sexy - JVG
Poem - Ian Bland
Soy Bean - Sarah Carroll
The Beer and the Fat - Danny Walsh
It Started with a Fish - Kit and Andre
Barbeque - Horse and Wes
When something is wrong with my barbie - Peter and William Ewing
Poem - Angie Hart
Lunch is a roll of meat - Cash Savage
Brown dried up liver - Billy Miller
The funky sausage - JVG
Nothing tastes better than your neighbours chicken - Paulie Stewart
Take another little piece of ox heart - Kerrie Simpson
Lady Oysterblade - Casey Bennetto
Me and Big T-Bones - Dr Pump
Chilli Salami - Dr Pump
Gay Barbie - Dr Pump
Don't Let My Buns Go Brown on Me - Dan Warner

There's a first time for everything it seems and due to the unseasonable weather and the rain coming in from the south east leaving no where to shelter and thanks to the volunteers who moved everything back to RRR at the last minute, this year's affair was an indoor BBQ and consequently more like a BBQ at a suburban house this time.

As usual I missed the start of Eat It, but did get to see most of the show and see them try and fizz up bottles of cheap white wine and goon to turn into champagne. Hardly worth it but good for a laugh when it fizzed the second time despite them being told not to fill it up so much.

Sad news was that Dirty Deeds is finishing up in a few weeks. I remember listening to the same slot when the Spin was still broadcasting and I usually listen to the show even if I go out when JVG is on as it is on early in the afternoon. Sean the birdman Dooley had an extended guest spot on the panel and talked about the results of the backyard bird count.

Thank the lords Ian Bland was back organising the musical part of the show this year, you could tell as it definitely went a lot better even with the disruption of everyone having to move back from Ceres at the last minute. I also enjoyed having Ian Bland and Angie Hart on as poets as they are very different.

Some performance art in the form of the Burnt Sausages probably would have been lost on the audience listening in via radio. I took photos and still don't know what happened.

The cast of singers was made up from close friends and family of the JVG Radio Method guest performers. The Melbourne BBQ Orchestra was great and it was especially great to see Dr Pump singing the song Gay Barbie which he hadn't done since 2005.

It was a nice change to have it inside this year and while I hope the weather is kinder next year, at least it has been proved it can be moved at short notice if required.


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