St Kilda Music Salon No.1

with MC Brian Nankervis, Murdena Duo, Michael Crane, Chris Wilson
Robarta, Saturday 1st November 2014

I had been asked to take photos at these gigs a while ago and was happy to do so. This gig also doubled as the launch of the newest edition of the Paradise Anthology magazine.

It is always great having Brian Nankervis host as he knows how to work the crowd.

I had talked to some of Murdena during Queenscliff Music Festival last year, but had not been able to see them. It was good to see them in duo form at least.

As I was feeling a bit tired and had another gig to go to in the evening, I left after two of Chris' songs, but I am sure the people there enjoyed the rest of the show.

The next St Kilda Music Salon will be on 15th November, which is also my birthday so I plan to stay for the whole show next time.


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