Stax on Soul at the Caravan Music Club 23/08/14

with Peter Punk (MC), Kylie Auldist, Chris Wilson, Sarah Carroll, Suzannah Espie, Stella Angelico, Liam Gerner
and the Stax on Soul Revue band (Matt Green, Dynamo Horns, Danny McKenna, Brendan McMahon, Grant Cummerford)
Caravan Music Club, Saturday 23rd August 2014

I had enjoyed the previous Stax on Soul nights and even been to the one down at the Flying Saucer Club so I was looking forward to this one. The Livingstone Daises had their album launch on the same night but I will see them another night and I wanted to see this line up of the show.

It was good as I do not often get to see Chris and Sarah play together outside of the New Year's Eve gigs.

New edition for this show was Stella Angelico who was great and it was good to see Kylie Auldist back.

There were lots of funny shenanigans during the show but you would not get the joke unless you were there. Sarah even got to do the "rock horns" shtick that Chris does all the time.

There seemed to be a lot more people than last time so word of the event must be spreading. I will look forward to the next show.


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