Suzannah Espie/The ReChords 21/09/14

Suzannah Espie and the Last Word
Union Hotel Brunswick, Sunday 21st September 2014

I had missed seeing Suzannah the previous week due to the Mexican festival at Federation Square so I was looking forward to this show as it was meant to be her last full band show for this year. Also Suzannah is recording a new album later in the year and will be supporting Don Walker during some of his shows in November.

Sitting in on keyboards was little Oscar who cried when Big Boy Lemonade tried to put him off his lap.

There were quite a few people who had been to all three of the residency gigs and sat on the same tables. It is getting hard to find somewhere to sit now unless I arrive super early which I can't really do unless I leave a lot earlier from home. I was going to leave before the end but ended up staying for the encore also.



The ReChords
Retreat Hotel, Sunday 21st September 2014

As expected it was already quite busy at the Retreat by the time I arrived and I didn't end up staying that long as there was nowhere to sit down all the tables were taken.

The ReChords would be a good band to have out the back I thought as they are not too loud and there is plenty of dancing room.

They are also going on a mini tour soon and I am sure I will see them around in the future.


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