Swingin' Bella Christmas 2014

with Casey Bennetto, Geraldine Quinn, the Bella All-Stars band, Tripod
Bella Union, Friday 19th December 2014

The Bella All-Stars are:
* Enio Pozzebon
* Vincenzo Ruberto
* Nick Karasaviddis
* Ross McFerran
* Matt Bird
* Mal Webb

I had been meaning to come to this for a while, but always seemed to miss it due to having stuff on the weekend before Christmas.

This year I decided early I was going to attend this event, but I still had to leave work Christmas drinks early so I could go home and get my camera. I arrived what I thought would be early, but there was already a line down the stairs and every seat was taken by the time I got inside. I don't usually sit down at gigs any way and I danced for most of it.

It was great to see the full band again as I was lucky enough to see a fundraiser gig with Casey and the Half Arsed Three earlier in the year and was not expecting to see them again.

Co-host for the night was Geraldine Quinn who also had a very festive dress. Somehow I still manage to see her every year despite not being able to make her comedy festival shows.

Each of the members of Tripod performed individually and then as a band in the second set. They have a new show coming up which sounds like it will be great.

I enjoyed all the songs and especially the ones from the Terminativity. There were some vocal gymnastics in the form the "12 scales of Christmas" and the carol with a missing note in an awkward place designed to trip up audience singing along (it only worked the first time).

It was a really fun night and finished really early compared to a lot of gigs that I have been to. I hope Casey and company do some more gigs in 2015 as I miss Half Arsed Thursdays.


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