Vika & Linda at the Caravan Music Club 15/11/14

with Tracey & Loretta Miller, Sam Lemann
Caravan Music Club, Saturday 15th November 2014

There were a lot of gigs I could have chosen for my birthday night, but I chose this one as I enjoyed seeing Vika and Linda before and also Tracey and Loretta were singing.

It was great to see Tracey and Loretta Miller singing together again after the Grand Ole Twang show, Loretta even wished me happy birthday while they were on stage, which was lovely.

Vika and Linda always do a good show and I was glad to have gone to see them even though I did not stay until late, it was a sold out show and they are a favourite of the Caravan Music Club audience and it is easy to see why. Hopefully I will get to see them again some time in the future.


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