Wagons "Acid Rain and Sugar Cane" Album Launch 07/06/14

with Fraser A Gorman, Johnny Fritz
The HiFi Bar, Saturday 7th June 2014

I knew this was coming for quite a while but was not sure if I was going to make it as I had not been working. As it happened I was lucky enough to pick up a few weeks work and to have Grand Ole Twang on the same day so I decided to do the whole thing in one go to save having to go home and then out again.

I had been to the album preview show last year around the same time and was looking forward to how the songs sounded live as they came out well from what I have heard from the album. The Nymphs had performed backing vocals on the album and Henry Wagons produced their first album in the same house they recorded the Wagons album in. Kelly Day is touring with the band for the album launch.

Before the show I got to meet Miriam doing the merch who turned out to know a lot of the same people I do in music. I only waved to her as I thought she was someone I knew already. I know who she is now at least and her photo was one of the most popular ones when I put it up to ask who she was the next day as it had been a big day.

It had been a while since I saw Fraser A Gorman, I sort of know him from playing on the Rockdogs but not that much. Was a good set and not plagued by the jibber jabber that happened last time I saw a support act in the same venue for the Handsome Family.

Already having seen Johnny Fritz later in the day I knew some of the songs he was going to do, it was good to see him stretch out a bit more though. He thanked Henry for bringing him out for the tour as he would not have been able to afford the airfare otherwise. I remember last year Brett from the Handsome Family could not have came out unless the Melbourne Festival paid for their airfare, it is a bit of disincentive for a lot of the smaller acts to come out it seems.

As expected the Wagons portion of the night was an extravaganza even including a horn section and a member of the band who had left quite a while ago but was back for the album launch tour. I finally had Richard Blaze introduce himself to me after ten years of going to see Wagons. Did not get to BRO FIST Si as he was busy unfortunately.

Wagons have started to get a lot of the crossover audience these days due to playing a lot of gigs and getting wider airplay. They did play at the Forum for their previous launch and went back to a smaller venue for this one. I am not sure where they will play for the next time around, but it will be fun to see how they develop in the future and how far they can go.


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