Wagons at Caravan Music Club 08/08/14

with Broads
Caravan Music Club, Friday 8th August 2014

It had been two years since Wagons played at the Caravan so I was looking forward to seeing them there again.

I had missed them before so it was good to see Jane and Kelly's new band following up from the Nymphs called Broads. I even purchased their new EP on the night.

There were a lot of people in and they had half seated and half standing for the gig. One of the VIPs included the young woman who had a car accident and had to miss Wagons' album launch. She was up the front with her family for the gig and the band was happy to see her.

It was a great show from what I saw with Kelly and Jane doing backing vocals. I did not stay for the whole show as it went late but I am glad that I went and look forward to seeing them in the future.


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