The Band Who Knew Too Much at the Winnebago Lounge 11/10/15

with MC Derek Guille
Winnebago Lounge, Sunday 11th October 2015

It had been a while since I had been to see the Band Who Knew Too Much and I have been walking from Parliament Station on Thursdays but Dave has not been busking for a while due to other work.

Special guest MC for the day was Derek Guille who Andy warned Dave not to make any corny jokes as he has heard them all. Derek also performed on a few songs with the band during the day. I can't really say that much about the band that I have not already said before. Is always a great show.

Was a heap of people who made it to this gig including Dan who had just come back from interstate and even Wes and Horse. I will try to make it back to the venue for another gig before the end of the year.


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