Billy Miller 'Australia' Album Launch 20/09/15

with Rebecca Barnard
Caravan Music Club, Sunday 20th September 2015

I have not been to any of the singalong sessions with Rebecca and Billy but they are a popular session with even someone at my current work going to the one at the Caravan.

Billy's new album had been coming for a long time but events last year intervened and it did not come out until later.

There were quite a few more people to see Paul Kelly but he only did two songs and mainly played with the band for most of the set by his own request. Billy wrote a couple of songs for the album with Paul Kelly during rain delays in the cricket.

At the start Billy said there would not be any Beatles or other songs as it was the album launch, but hopefully next time there would be some.

Was a lot of people for a Sunday afternoon and it is good to have a launch during the day as a change. A lot more families came for the day and I was home by 7pm.

It was a great gig and hopefully Billy Miller and friends will do another gig there in the future.


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