The Bombay Royale at Howler 23/12/15

with DJ Manchild
Howler, Wednesday 23rd December 2015

It was a choice between this and Miss Kitty's Christmas show, I did wait for a while but had to book a ticket and decided on this. Miss Kitty next year.

As it turned out the venue was really hot and I only lasted the first set before having to go out and sit in the bar with the double glazed window to look in on the second set. The air conditioning does work, but it was struggling due to the humidity and number of people in the room. The door staff asked how I was when I left as I must have looked distressed coming out of the performance space.

I had trouble getting many photos for this gig as the lights were very low or a bit different. It would have been ten times hotter on stage. The band tried out a lot of new stuff in this gig, which was great to see.

Even though this gig may have been one too many for me before Christmas, I was still glad to have been even if I did end up finishing a day early for it (also I did not want to go into the city just to have to get the Vline train out again.)


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