BoxWars 21: Battlebots of the lesser known cardboard league

Caulfield Park, Boxing Day 2015

I had moved since last year so I was not going to be able to do the run straight home and back this year.

I did get to walk down from Carnegie and to Caulfield Park which worked out to be quite good. I should do that more often as I have not really replaced the walk down to Glenhuntly Rd and back since I moved.

The theme was a bit different this year so there did not seem to be as many people as normal. As always the BoxWars come prepared with suits of armour for people to put on and make up the numbers and they managed to do so.

The battle arena seemed to bit quite a bit smaller this year, making it a short intense battle. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves at least. I did see Marawa the Amazing's sister but she did not know who I was so I didn't get to talk to her.

It was a bit weird not going straight back down after I put the photos on my computer, but by the time I had walked back it would have been too late. The BoxWars have promised to pick the photos up later. Their next gig is at the Sydney Festival in early January doing a maker's workshop and a dinosaur themed battle, which should be good from the photos I have seen.


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