Burnt Sausages at the Gasometer 17/12/15

with Hot Wings, Tenderloins
Gasometer Hotel, Thursday 17th December 2015

It had been quite a while since I saw this band play live and it sounded interesting enough that they would have a Christmas show.

Sex on Toast was also playing on the same night, but due to it being so hot that night and this gig being at a venue with an opening roof is what made my mind up.

The first two bands were also good with meat themed names if not meat themed songs.

The Burnt Sausages played all meat themed songs including some new ones and a performance art piece called "Fight at the kids table" where lead sausage threw small plastic chairs and toys at the audience. I was there taking photos of this show but I do not really know what was going on.

It was something different at least and I got a taxi home early enough as it finished earlier than I thought it would.


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