Reclink Community Cup 2015

with Ally Spazzy Kiddyrock and the Cool Bananas, Pearls, Adalita, Public Opinion Afro Orchestra, Graveyard Train
Elsternwick Park, Sunday 21st June 2015

Final Score:
Megahertz 9 10 (64)
Rockdogs 5 7 (37)

Due to moving further away from the ground this year I did not get to my annual walk from home to the ground this year. I did almost walk the equivalent due to forgetting to take my presale ticket from the fridge and having to get off the tram and run back home though. Since 2013 I have not access to the player change rooms or front of stage due to being 'not media' so I stopped into the supermarket on the way to pick up a bunch of twiggy salami sticks to give to dogs as a reward for their photo.

I had promised Ally Spazzy I would get there early to see her show as I had heard a lot about Kiddyrock but have never been able to see it. The kids in attendance did have a good time I got to make my first of many laps of the oval for the day.

Although there did not seem to be as many people as previous years I still thought there were plenty and the bands still played well.

I did still get to go out into the middle and get photos of the teams lining up and stand near the Rockdogs bench for the duration of the match.

It was great to see Mitch again who came down for the Community Cup and also everyone else I saw on the day or who saw me but did not get the chance to talk as you know what sort of social blur it is.

The Megahertz took the game super seriously this year and had started training in March. The Rockdogs, not so much apart from the usual run-up training and playing in the pub footy teams that they do. As Lush said there are too many people involved for it to be a fix but it was good to see a definitive win this year. It seems the Megahertz are starting to lead in terms of supporters also.

Once again it was a great day and raised over $100,000 for Reclink and best of luck to them with new matches in Adelaide and Perth this year.


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