Dan & Al at the Corner 20/12/15

with Broads
Corner Hotel, Sunday 20th December 2015

Due to the heat and humidity of the previous day I spent most of the afternoon with an icepack on my head and the fan on me dozing off in a chair.

Waking up at one point I saw Dan had said he would put me on the door. I was looking forward to it but I had to work the week directly before Christmas, which I do not usually do for obvious reasons.

For the first time for this gig there was a special guest with Broads who played well I thought. This was their last gig in Melbourne for the year and they were heading off to Woodford straight after Christmas.

Dan and Al did the one big set instead of two this year, I did not end up staying until the end, but the Broads did get up to sing on the last few songs. Next year I will try to get the few days off before Christmas so I don't have to worry about leaving early.


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