Dan Warner and band 27/09/15

with Jane Hendry MC
Winnebago Lounge, Sunday 27th September 2015

I had gone home early from the last gig at the Winnebago Lounge so I was determined not to do so for this gig. I even had the night off from going to gig due to having a big night on the Friday.

It had been a while since I saw Dan Warner play with a band as he does not play that often in Melbourne apart from the occasional gig these days and the Dan and Al gig for Christmas.

Special guest MC for the day was Jane Hendry who also played some songs with them as she has been in the Warner Corner band for quite a while on JVG's show.

Towards the end of the gig the band played the B-side of a Neil Young album but I cannot remember which one. Hopefully they get to play on the Neil Young tribute night at Memo Music Hall later in the year.

The next gig I am going to at the venue will be the Band Who Knew Too Much and I hope Mikelangelo gets to play there soon also.


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