Dr Sketchy's 2015 season launch with Honey B Goode

Toff in Town, Sunday 22nd February 2015

Despite having a busy weekend moving and staying at home the previous night rather than going into the city to see Army of Darkness as I did not want to be caught up in the White Night Crowds, I did want to make it to the first Dr Sketchys for a year.

Before the session I managed to make it to the Bohemian Melbourne exhibition at the State Library, was some good stuff in there but I knew most of it already as I have studied Australian art history before and it was quite similar. Chinese New Year celebrations were also on in the city and I managed to avoid most of the fireworks except for right outside of Curtin House, was very loud.

I hadn't seen Honey B Goode for a few years so I was looking forward to seeing her do a routine again. It was an entertaining routine and there was even a mini-contest in the break with participants having to make a drawing using pre-dawn squiggles on the page.

As I was tired I did not hang around for long after, Chas was filming another highlights movie to promote the sessions and hopefully it turns out well.


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