Dr Sketchy's Melbourne 9th Birthday and RIP

with Tanzer, Agent Cleave, Lilikoi Kaos, Mel, Logan
Toff in Town, Sunday 28th June 2015

I knew it was going to be a big day as the session sold out without even the identities of the models being revealed. Not even the sound engineer would tell me who was modelling for the session. I did end up guessing right but I did not know until the day just like I also got the right answer when I assumed what the "big announcement" was.

I had been going to Dr Sketchys since 2006 and at the start I mainly went when there were people I knew modelling. I was not even taking photos at sessions except on odd occasions. In 2010 Mel asked me to come and take photos at sessions as there was not someone who was doing so at the time. Since then I tried to come to most times unless I had something on. A couple of months ago I even provided Mel with a photo album of nearly 500 photos of Dr Sketchys from the past nine years with drawings in place of photos where they were not available.

The session opened with Tanzer and Agent Cleave singing "Stay with me" and Cleave shouting "I've got a fucking tail!" when people did not cheer enough for him. It was good having the models be more in charge of the session this time as it was different than usual.

The other big announcement from Mel was that although the monthly Dr Sketchy's Melbourne is finishing, there will be special events in the future.

For the final part of the session Agent Cleave took over MC duties and Mel and DJ Knave Knixx were the models. Agent cleave was a bit lippy but it was fun. It did feel a bit weird at first but I got use to it.

Due to their not being a gig afterwards I did end up hanging around a lot longer and was one of the last people who left afterwards. I ended up going around the corner to Belleville and having a roast chicken dinner and watching the Sugar Fed Leopards.

The end of the monthly sessions for Dr Sketchys marks the end of my involvement with the local burlesque scene as it was the last thing I was still involved with. I am just too busy with going to gigs these days and working full time. I will be happy to go to any events in the future but probably will not be taking any photos.

Mel gets to go have a holiday and do some other artistic work. I will try to get to see some more Shack Shakers events with DJ Knave Knixx in the future.


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