Dr Sketchy's and Holly Durant the dancing siren 29/03/15

Toff in Town, Sunday 29th March 2015

Mel had said there was going to be a big announcement but wouldn't tell what it was over the phone even when I guessed correctly. After nine years Dr Sketchys Melbourne will be going into hiatus for an indefinite period so Mel can pursue her tattooing and other art. It was the first branch to open outside of New York and even ended up running after Molly Crabapple had retired from running her branch to do other projects.

I had last seen Holly Durant perform as part of a Light in Winter in Federation Square where she did a dance routine wearing a one piece suit with lights on it. It was great and heaps of people watched. I enjoyed the performance as part of the session and it was a good drawing session even if the sketchers were a bit more demanding than usual. I have not seen that many changes before, I had to run down to DAISO and pick up a new sketchbook as I did not want to take Mel's as she had to draw in it.

I will try to make the last three sessions but will have to see how I go as I do not know what else is on as yet.


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