Elana Stone 'Kintsugi' EP Launch

with Al Parkinson, Sweets
Shadow Electric Bandroom, Thursday 23rd April 2015

I supported the Pozible project for Elana's new EP quite a while ago, so I have been looking forward to the launch for ages.

The EP arrived the other week with two of her previous albums which I have enjoyed.

I went straight from work and ended up having to wait outside by myself for half an hour, I always get to the venue early despite having gone via the Workers Club Kitchen for dinner and the Yarra Hotel for a drink.

Pepi from Oh Pep! was doing merch so I got to talk to her before the show.

Also Xani and Mark from the Twoks were there along with Scott Edgar who I got to have a chat to during the night. They have all played with Elana at one time or another. We even got to talk about the recent ASRC benefit which in previous years Elana and the Twoks had played in.

Al Parkinson was up first and she ended up playing in the audience due to everyone being so quiet.

I had not seen Sweets play for quite a while but I still enjoyed them. They had to leave straight after their set or I would have talked to Annabelle.

I am used to seeing Elana Stone come down to Melbourne by herself when she does her own songs, but I did see her play with All Our Exes Live in Texas recently. It was great to finally hear the songs off the new EP live. Some of her friends also got up for a song or two near the end.

Even though I ended up having a late night I am still glad I went and I hope the rest of Elana's tour goes well.


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