Gallie 'the Occoquan River' Album Launch

with the Originals
Memo Music Hall, Saturday 31st October 2015

I had danced in "Thrill the World" at Clifton Hill cricket club before this gig and did not have the chance to go home and get changed. Also everyone seemed to be going to Luna Park for some reason. When I got to St Kilda about 10,000 people were trying to get into the park.

The Originals had already started their set when I arrived but it was OK I still got to take some photos.

It had been a warm day and was very hot in the venue. I had neglected to notice that I could not sweat with the zombie makeup on (someone thought I had been beat up) and I had to go wash it off my face.

I did end up seeing the start of the gig, but by 10pm I was very hungry and hot as I had not had time to have dinner either. It was a bit disappointing to have to leave but I had supported the album on Pozible and thought what I saw of the gig was very good. I will try to see Gallie play at the Queenscliff Music Festival and again in the future.


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