I Got the Music(al) in Me!

An ASRC Benefit
with MC Tina del Twist, Andrew McClelland, Anne Edmonds, Aurora Kurth, Die Roten Punkte, Em Rusciano, Geraldine Quinn, Luis (Lessons with Luis), Nath Valvo, Randy the Puppet, Rhonda Butchmore, Scott Brennan, Scott Edgar, Tom Ballard, Yon, Andrew Hansen
Toff in Town, Sunday 12th April 2015

Running order:
Band intro - Pure Imagination (instrumental)
Tina del Twist - All That Jazz/Tina's Turn/Noodle
Die Roten Punkte - Anything you can do I can do better
Andrew McClelland - Pore Jud is Daid
Geraldine Quinn & Scott Brennan - Suddenly Seymour
Geraldine Quinn - Heaven on their minds


Luis (Lessons with Luis) - Pure Imagination
Tina del Twist - Maybe this time
Tina and Gab (ASRC) - Talking about the ASRC's work
Scott Brennan - I Am What I Am
Rhonda Butchmore - Ladies Who Lunch
Yon and Randy - A Whole New World
Aurora Kurth - Ivory Tower


Band instrumental - Pure imagination fast
Anne Edmonds - I Dreamed a Dream
Scott Brennan and Andrew Hansen - Love is an open door
Tom Ballard - I Believe
Em Rusciano - Little girls
Scott Edgar - Somewhere that's green
Nath Valvo and Tina del Twist - Defying Gravity
Tina del Twist goodbyes/thanks - Pure imagination over fast/slow instrumental

I had been looking forward to this show for ages and even bought the ticket back in February. This year I had been working during the time of the comedy festival but did not really go to see that much.

Even though I am not that really big into Broadway musicals I was still interested in seeing what songs they would put on. Most of the songs were the performers favourites more than most famous or popular which led to some interesting choices and more committed performances.

They did say at the start that some of the singers were more comedians but I did enjoy most of them and it was great to see Aurora Kurth back. I got to talk to her during one of the breaks.

Cheers to Scott Brenan who filled in a couple of times for someone who got sick at short notice and did the most songs as a consequence.

It was a great night and hopefully the show returns next year.


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