JVG Radiothon Spectacular 2015

with Stu Thomas, Ian Bland, Jemma and the Clifton Hillbillies, Liam Linley and Phil Gionfriddo, SKA Vendors, Dr Pump, Henry Wagons, Kylie Auldist, Davey Lane, Pete Ewing, Dan Warner
RRR Performance Space, Sunday 23rd August 2014

Due to MIFF mainly being during August this year and ending up sick the previous week I had not been out to see any live music since early August so I was determined to make it to this event.

A lot of other people seem to have gotten the same illness as there did not turn out to be as many people I thought who ended up turning up but as JVG said it was quality over quantity and people still rang up to subscribe.

There was an interesting range of acts performing arranged around prior commitments as always and sticking to the song choice "paint the town" in oblique ways at times.

I did get to say hello to Kylie Auldist who did a show at the Caravan Music Club the Friday before and had a good time.

For the second hour of the show there was a house band with guest performers each doing their song which also meant the rate of guests speeded up. I thought all the songs went well seeing as the band did not have much of a chance to do a run through.

For the finale Dan Warner even got to do a Springsteen song which he hardly ever gets to do and there was an extra-large band and horn section.

After the show I ended up going over to the Lomond for about an hour with the crew and like last year walked down to BEAST for dinner. I was glad to have gone and RRR BBQ Day cannot come soon enough.


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