Mikelangelo Christmas / Farewell Melbourne Show

with Clare St Clare and special guests
Spotted Mallard, Saturday 19th December 2015

There was another gig at the Corner I was interested in, but as this turned out to be Mikelangelo's farewell Melbourne show and also he asked me to attend to take photos I had to come to this one. Also the other gig had several photographers in attendance already, this one only had me.

It had been a very hot day and I foolishly decided to go out during the hottest part of the day to attend another event. Also it decided to rain and that just made it worse as it immediately turned to steam making everyone very sweaty. I had to beg for paper towels from the bar to wipe my face.

Mikelangelo had a three piece suit on and said he "decided not to feel hot" and wasn't. He did need to drink an entire litre bottle of wattle due to getting dehydrated towards the end of the show.

Clare St Clare also get to sing some songs and had several costume changes. Unfortunately Clare Hendry had lost her voice and could not sing backing vocals as planned, I did still get to say hello to her though.

Thanks to Sarah who I got to sit near during the show and for Anna for giving us a lift back to Carnegie after the show to save a long hot trip on the tram home and extra misery.


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